LeprechaunMania Begins

Mania Banner Leprechaun

Here in the US, St. Patrick’s Day is viewed by most as a free pass to get black-out drunk in public. For a smaller number of people, though, it’s culturally significant, a way to celebrate their heritage. I’m one of those people. Part Irish, part Scottish, pasty as Hell. In honor of ginger bastards everywhere, I’ll be shining a light on the cheesy Leprechaun series this March (and maybe into April — as long as it takes). Brace yourselves for the awesome power of LeprechaunMania, brother! Considering each and every one of these films are awful, I’ll be rating them relative to each other, 1-5, with this specially-tailored Shamrock Shake™ scale.

Shamrock Shake Scale 1

Shamrock Shake Scale 2

Shamrock Shake Scale 3

Shamrock Shake Scale 4

Shamrock Shake Scale 5


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