Leprechaun 4: In Space (1996)

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Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith


Gaelic At some point in the distant future, a fleet of marines is sent to eliminate the Leprechaun, charged with disrupting intergalactic gold mining operations, as well as abducting a likeminded self-entitled brat named Princess Czarina, daughter of the King of Dominia. The fleet’s prime objective: “Kill the bastard!… Semper Fi, do or die!” They track him down to a cave on the planet Ithicon, swoop in guns a-blazing and frag the sumbitch to a million Lucky Charms. In adding insult to injury, one of the soldiers pees on a hunk of the blown-up faerie, whose disembodied essence flows up the broha’s urine stream into his dick. Why? Why not?

Later, aboard the ship, Pee Guy and a female private sneak off to play with each other’s privates. Right before they bang, our title villain bursts from the guy’s boner (look for an obvious bungee cord) and starts to kill!

“Small though I am, mighty is my spirit when bloody battle calls.” the Leprechaun starts. “Come at me with what you will. Shoot me, stab me, kill me a hundred ways, still I fight on. I am eternal as the sun. I am a thousand demons from Hell. Death and destruction are my game, agony is my name.”

Looks like it’s up to a stud named Books and his love interest Dr. Reeves to finally do away with the alien menace.

Leprechaun 4 3

Whenever you can’t think of a good theme or story for the fourth part of a horror series, set that shit in space. Critters, Hellraiser and Leprechaun did it. Friday the 13th held off as long as possible, but finally resorted to blasting their villain into orbit with Jason X.

Predictably, Leprechaun 4 parodies Aliens, Star Wars and other sci-fi classics, so keep an eye out for all the nudge, nudge, look, it’s a reference moments.

Post-opening credits, the stage is set with a low-rent shot of our heroes’ space cruiser that’s not far off from a cut-scene you’d see in a Windows 95 game. Remember those old previews for The Hive, also from Trimark? Actually, I’ve always been curious to play that game.

From there, the movie never recovers. Leprechaun 4 is a poorly-written, confusing, stupid mess of a sequel. It’s pretty berserk, and the plot, coherency, etc. suffers in lieu of a bunch of well-done but needless makeup effects and random nonsensical interludes. For one, a kiss-ass lab assistant’s face is pancaked flat with a metal tray. Moments later, eccentric scientist Dr. Mittenhand (half a torso, an arm and a face attached to a Hoveround) is forcibly injected with ground-up arachnids and Leprechaun DNA, morphing him into a “Mittenspider”. For some reason, the ship’s Sargeant pops up as an evil Kung Fu drag queen halfway through. Then, toward the end, the Leprechaun grows to enormous size when zapped with a laser. Another random exchange sees Princess Czarina baring her Boobs of Doom to the cast as a threat. “…When a woman of royal blood shows you her breasts, it’s a death sentence.” Granted, each of these flicks are ridiculous by their very nature, but this is too much. Then again, boobs are good.

Death Boobs

It’s hard to believe the same guy directed my favorite and least favorite Leprechaun films. Leprechaun 3. And… Ugghh. This. Respectively.

Last review, I claimed Leprechaun 3 got the formula down pat. If that’s the case, Leprechaun 4 completely breaks from the formula. Hell, the Leprechaun barely even rhymes this time. Also, his pot o’ gold is largely ignored for the bulk of the runtime, nor are there ill-granted wishes, shillelagh beatings or crazy amendments to his ever-changing leprelore. In fact, the Leprechaun’s never even referred to as such. Not once.

Now, as you’ve probably noticed, the dude’s powers increase from movie to movie. Here, it’s just unfair. On more than one occasion, the mystical bastard conjures (apports, if you will) opportune objects into existence — guns, handcuffs, dynamite — poof! — I Dream of Genie-style. It’s further revealed that he can regenerate back to his normal self from the smallest of pieces. So yeah, the guy’s invincible. How can you beat him? Quick answer: you can’t. Movies just aren’t as fun when there’s zero chance of the good guy(s) beating the bad guy(s). It’s frustrating.

Leprechaun 4 2

Leprechaun 4 1

All this, combined with bad acting (overacting in Mittenhand’s case), as well as a lack of onscreen chemistry make for a big step down from the previous, highly-enjoyable entry. Shame.

A Few Questions
Where’d the Leprechaun find that Hazmat suit?
Why’d no one think to ask Mittenspider for his password after they froze him, before they blew him up?

The Verdict
The worst of the Leprechaun films.

Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996)
Jason X (2001)

LeprechaunMania Shamrock Shake™ Rating: One Shake
Shamrock Shake Scale 1


5 Responses to “Leprechaun 4: In Space (1996)”

  1. I wasn’t too fond of this. Its been so long I can’t remember if I even saw the entire film.


  2. I thought this was funny in a really whacked out kind of way.


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