Phantasm 5 Not Only a Go, But Secretly Filmed and Completed Already

Phantasm Ravager

For years, the Phantasm Archives has teased the existence of a “secret Phantasm project”. Whether or not this upcoming fourth sequel — known first as Phantasm 1999, Phantasm’s End and several others, now officially titled Phantasm 5: Ravager — is indeed the same project remains to be seen, but either way, its existence was kept pretty secret up until this week when a poster and teaser trailer were leaked (you can check the trailer out here at Fearnet — look at the size of that sphere!). As seen and reported, series regulars A. Michael Baldwin, Reggie Bannister, Bill Thornbury, Angus Scrimm and even Kathy Lester, the first philm’s Lady in Lavender, all return! Phans rejoice! I think I peed myself… Ravager will mark the first time series creator Don Coscarelli hasn’t directed, though he co-wrote and produced.


7 Responses to “Phantasm 5 Not Only a Go, But Secretly Filmed and Completed Already”

  1. Not really my style of films. Thought the first was good, but again not my style. Though I did like part 2 quite a bit


  2. I am so excited about this that when I saw the trailer I felt like crying tears of joy. I hope I get to see it in the theater.


  3. Looks good from the trailer 🙂


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