Leprechaun in the Hood (2000)

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Reblogged from November 6th, 2012.

Directed by Rob Spera

Gaelic Postmaster P, Stray Bullet and DJ Butch, the Millie Vanillis of Compton rap, have been struggling to make it big while maintaining a positive message. After Mack Daddy (Ice-T), a neighborhood pimp/record mogul turns them down for a deal, the frustrated trio decides to rob him and pawn the stolen gold for turntables. Unfortunately, things get messy in a hurry when Postmaster P (nonfatally) shoots Mack Daddy and inadvertently unleashes the ancient leprechaun kept in his office by looting an amulet from around its neck. Mack, the rap group and the leprechaun subsequently end up trying to kill each other several times between rap numbers.

“Postmaster P. That’s me. Ya’ see?
The P is for positive and that’s my guarantee.
I got no time for negativity.
Smooth is my groove and fresh my recipe.”

Amidst said chaos, the leprechaun amasses an army of “zombie fly girls” and rents a party loft. Naturally, the protagonists dress up as women in order to seduce him into smoking a joint filled with four-leaf clovers so they can steal his magical flute and become “big time funky hip-hop rappers.” Oh, and the leprechaun has sex with a transvestite. Honestly.

As Butch says, “We’re dealing with some evil, supernatural shit here, man.”

From the inept mind behind Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp, comes Leprechaun 5, a movie that makes no goddamn sense. Its editing is confusing, to say the least. For example, one moment, the titular villain is trapped in a vault. The next moment, he’s pulling a reverend’s intestines out. Later, the owner of a pawn shop backs into a car and screams. Then, the film cuts to an unrelated shot of the Leprechaun nodding to ripping and slashing sounds. What in the hell happened? People are dropping left and right, but the trio still finds time to throw down with a rap concert every ten minutes. It almost seems like there wasn’t a script – like the director filmed a dozen or two random scenes and later attempted to edit what he had into a coherent narrative without ever quite succeeding.

The kill scenes are disappointing, the humor fails to land most of the time and the movie itself is just way too out there. It’s a bad, bad sequel to a mostly-bad franchise, saved only in part by the enjoyable performances of its three main actors. Ice-T and Warwick Davis handle their roles well too, but they don’t make the movie. I’d say it’s too comedic, but then again, the series always has been. It’s mindless and occasionally fun, I’ll give it that, but not much else in the way of good filmmaking or storytelling.

Comprehensible editing, better kill scenes, tighter direction, a more believable story. Any of these things would have helped.

A Few Questions
Why didn’t they kill the leprechaun after they knocked him out with the weed?
Since when can he summon an evil female entourage?
If the leprechaun possesses unlimited magical powers, then why are we to believe that he hasn’t yet taken over the world?

The Verdict
Check it out if you’re dead-set on completing the series.

Friday (1995)
Jack Frost (1996)

LeprechaunMania Shamrock Shake™ Rating: Two Shakes
Shamrock Shake Scale 2


One Response to “Leprechaun in the Hood (2000)”

  1. Lep in da hood up to no good. I can tolerate this, but really have very little desire to view it again. If I come across it on cable with nothing else on cool. But wouldn’t really look to see it again.


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