Horror Movie Theme Music Quiz #2

Test yourself by remembering which horror movies these fifteen snippets of music are from. After the pause symbol appears, you’ll have five more seconds to think of the answer before it’s revealed. Good luck, and don’t read the comments until after you’re done! Click here for the first quiz.

Score Yourself
0-4 correct answers: Horror Novice
5-10 correct answers: Horror Fan
11-15 correct answers: Full-fledged Horror Nerd


2 Responses to “Horror Movie Theme Music Quiz #2”

  1. This one was harder, I only got 5. The music for Rose Red I immediatly associate with Animal House so that thru me way off. I also think you should put music from all eras, not just the 80’s – just a thought. Love that theme from the fog 🙂


    • I’ve only seen Animal House once, well over a decade ago. Didn’t realize that piece was in more than one movie. I’ve been trying to space the really recognizable themes out, but there are quite a few from the 70s I can use for the next one. I don’t watch a lot of current horror, so that’s a problem. But good idea. I’ll try to incorporate a variety of decades next time!


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