Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (2003)

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Directed by Steven Ayromlooi

Gaelic A year ago, a Father Jacob pilfered the Leprechaun’s loot to build a youth center in a ghetto (hence the film’s title). Though it cost him his life, he took the Leprechaun down with him, sending its evil, greedy self back to the earth Jason Goes to Hell-style, what with a bunch of crustified hands popping up to grab ahold of the gold-mongering goon.

Cut to a year later. Jamie, a goofy Biz Markie-reminding motherfucker, is shaken down by the scar-faced Watson for not paying his weed bill, or something. Jamie smokes weed in front of a D.A.R.E. sticker. He so cray.

Back 2 tha Hood 1

Meanwhile, aspiring college girl Lisa’s car breaks down. “Why our lives gotta be like this?” she wonders. Discouraged, her and her friend Emily head to a psychic for answers where they’re warned of a horrible, looming danger. “I see wealth in your future… I speak of riches beyond your wildest dreams. But it must be denied, for it will come at a high price. The very fabric of your essence will be torn apart.” Oh daaayumn.

Later, Jamie, Lisa, Emily and Emily’s ballin’/shot callin’ drug dealer of an ex-boyfriend Rory are having a picnic at a grassless playground when Emily falls through the ground to an old shrine of sorts, finding the Leprechaun’s chest (not pot) of gold. Generous Emmy divvies the shillings four ways with her ninjas (“Don’t nobody say nigga no more.”). Of course, the fist thing they do is splurge on a bunch of clothes on Rodeo Drive, nonchalantly brushing off the warning regarding the essence tearing and such. Oh, and also of course, they’re picked off one by one by the pissed-off Leprechaun, who’s inexplicably come back to reclaim his riches.

My thoughts on the first Hood movie can best be summarized by the rap the Leprechaun performs at the end: “Lep in the hood come to do no good.” Cos it did no good. Like Part 4, Part 5 (In the Hood) was lazily written, stupid, confusing and way too out there. Back 2 tha Hood is so much better in these respects that it’s almost cause for a double-take — “Wait, this IS the same series, right?” See Killjoy 3. I concede, a witch appears in the final act to fire Hadoukens, but hey, there’s already one classic supernatural being, why not another? Besides the magic Leprechaun and the witch, the rest of the movie does well grounding itself in reality, eh, for the most part. None of this at least:


This time, it’s told via narrated animated intro that our unnamed Leprechaun was born from the earth, contradicting allusions to his mother from earlier in the series. “There was a time, long ago, when evil men with greed in their hearts would lay siege to the king… But the king was in league with… guardians summoned from the earth to protect [his] gold from falling into the hands of evil men, of wicked men… The king’s reign would come to an end, and the leprechauns would find their home again, back in mother nature’s embrace. Except for the myth of the one. The one that did not go back.” So that’s where he came from.

To go along with this updated backstory, they’ve changed the Leprechaun’s look. Instead of his trademark knee-high stripey socks, buckled hat, plaid undershirt, etc., his wardrobe is darker and simpler. So too is he, not stopping to quip or laugh as much. He never rhymes to my recollection (despite terrorizing a place where most of the male folk try to rhyme for a living, i.e. rap). Even his accent is toned back a few notches. Oh, but he rips a bong, then stabs a guy with the bong. That’s pretty funny. Freddypillar from Freddy vs. Jason is proud.

Overall, Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood is a well-made sequel that’s fun, especially for an early-2000s direct-to-video sequel. A step back in the right direction, had they continued and made more sequels. It’s quite a bit different than Part 4 and the previous Hood movie, if those were too berserk for you, but stays pretty faithful to the series as well. Don’t get me wrong, this one’s silly, but just the right mix.

The actor who plays Jamie. That guy’s funny.
The final fight to the death is long enough to be really enjoyable.

Back 2 tha Hood 2

A Few Questions
Wouldn’t you maybe move out of the ghetto before spending all your money on expensive stuff that will most likely be stolen from you?
What’s with all the 57 Fake attire?
How’d Jamie get out of jail?
If Rory and Emily were friends with Jamie, why’d they keep ditching him?

The Verdict
Now that I’ve finally seen this, I’d rank it with Part 3 as the best.

Set it Off (1996)
Killjoy (2000)

LeprechaunMania Shamrock Shake™ Rating: Five Shakes
Shamrock Shake Scale 5


10 Responses to “Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (2003)”

  1. I only saw a few minutes when it first came on cable. As I mentioned in your other reviews I’m not really a fan of the series


  2. I was just hoping for some new FV, and now you up and post like 3. Dayyyyum, indeed.

    Also, back up: what’s the crab spider monster guy? It looks like the head crab from The Thing mated with that barnacle guy from that one Pirates of the Caribbean thing.


    • Basically, that’s what happens when a half-robotic mad scientist gets injected with Leprechaun DNA and ground-up spiders.

      Now that you mention it, I’ve been hoping for new AS. You’d better get awn it! Haven’t read your Oculus review, but PS — did you know WWE made it?


      • I did indeed, and that’s pretty cray-zay. I have to say, I wasn’t crazy about Oculus, but at the same time it shows some potential. If that was the first horror outing from that studio (dunno if it is or not), then I’ll be interested to see what they make down the line.


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