What’s Next For the Leprechaun? Leprechaun: Origins, Vamprechaun

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Nobody would have guessed in 1993 when Leprechaun came out that twenty-one years later it would still be discussed, that five more entries would follow, or that a big-budget prequel/remake produced by World Wrestling Entertainment, starring a wrestler, would be in the works. Here’s what the future holds for this shockingly still-relevant franchise.

Leprechaun: Origins

Leprechaun Origins And Such Bro

It was announced forever ago that WWE Studios and Lionsgate were partnering up for a prequel or remake (the jury’s still out) to/of 1993’s Leprechaun. Details are trickling in, but it’s known that WWE’s Hornswoggle, not Warwick Davis, will be taking the reigns as the title character. According to a New York Comic Con interview with Hornswoggle from 2013, Origins filmed in fifteen days, wrapped before Summerslam of that year, and “The only thing similar at all to the old movies is the name of the movie. That’s it.” Reportedly “darker” in tone, an uneventful clip introduced by the grappler himself is available here at JoBlo for your bored yawns. The six films we’ve got right now aren’t exactly the best the horror genre has to offer, but some are enjoyable on a campy level. Origins might surprise, but I’m guessing it’s pretty bad. After all, how dark can you get with a leprechaun?

Origins will be released digitally August 26, 2014 and on DVD September 30, 2014. Here’s a link to the movie’s Upcoming Horror Movies entry where you can watch the official trailer and find out more!

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Vamprechaun Trailer Still

Now, to the real news. Back on February 3rd, Leprechaun writer/director/creator Mark Jones made an uncommon appearance on Dread Central’s first episode of Dread Central Live, now airing every Monday, where he broke news of his latest project:

“I actually have a new horror franchise that I came up with and it actually may involve Warwick Davis — the original Leprechaun… A vampire bites a leprechaun and it becomes a vamprechaun… So now you’ve got this little vampire, completely different character, different prosthetics… He bites your ankles instead of your neck because he can’t reach it, and he gets women, and it’s gonna be kind of a little bit of comedy-horror, of course.”

While not related per se to the Leprechaun series, this one sounds pretty similar, as well as goofy enough to please old fans. Over at Indiegogo, Jones and Co. are seeking crowdfunding. There, he describes his brainchild thusly: “an original sardonic character, with a comic flair and one hell of a bite.” Promising, right? Like every horror movie these days, Vamprechaun is set to be filmed in 3D! Visit the Indiegogo campaign.


7 Responses to “What’s Next For the Leprechaun? Leprechaun: Origins, Vamprechaun”

  1. Xenolicker Says:

    I would like to see “Leperchaun 3D”, about a Leprechaun suffering from leprosy; with always a little cloud of skin flakes floating around him, and out of the screen…


  2. The is a still image from Movie 43 where Gerard Butler plays a Leprechaun.


    • Hi, thanks for the clarification. Never seen that movie. I’m not even sure who that actor is, to be honest. I got the image from a YouTube video advertising a torrent of Leprechaun Origins supposedly available on a different site.


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