Happy Mother’s Day

“Mother. There is no other.” The words are Mr. T’s, the gold-chained, mohawked king of all momma’s boys. And like he says, there is no other. So just for today, be a momma’s boy and hug your mom. Guys, if you’ve got one, hug your baby mama too.

Now, with the sentiment out of the way, let’s travel back in time to 1980 for a look at Charles (yes, the brother of — ughh — Llyod) Kaufman’s grubby-lookin’ horror flick Mother’s Day. Let me know if you’ve seen this and what you thought. I’ve never gotten around to it myself — though, I might have to correct that. It’s found its way to YouTube, like so many other low-rent 80s horror movies. Was that an electric turkey knife?

Oh, and just in case you were curious:


4 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Aw hell. Mr. T. Damn.

    I love the message that it’s totally okay to hate on each other, but you ain’t gotta bring Mama into this.


  2. I liked the remake of Mother’s Day because it was slightly more realistic in it’s tone than the original, plus you have the added bonus of Rebecca DeMornay.


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