MS: VigasioSexploitation Vol. 2 (2011)

Vigasio 2 Poster

Directed by Sebastiano Montresor

Earth year 2022. A pig-tailed girl with tape across her nips that’s dressed like an 80s leather bar-frequenting gay man named Osso escapes prison. Skipping down a dirt road, she’s psychokinetically frozen by a boobed Grim Reaper and told to become the leader of an invisible motorcycle gang. Then, she grows a handlebar moustache.

Meanwhile, it’s hinted that earth has been struck by an asteroid, changing its overall climate to that of a desert. Weirdly, a mirror planet dubbed Arret from another dimension overlapping our own is faced with the opposite problem. As such, a Dr. Moreau attempts to raise money for a “time gate” he theorizes will open a doorway between the two worlds. That way, he and those he presumes to be super-intelligent beings can pass through it to help each other resolve their climate issues. Oh, and he secretly hopes to establish a race of super-people who don’t eat, sleep or reproduce by mating with Arret’s inhabitants.

After a long day’s work, the doctor’s big-boobed, night crawler-lipped assistant meets Osso at home in a large metal bucket (above), where they rub their hairy potatoes together.

That night, Moreau dreams of contacting an alien (a guy with a hollow TV on his head that talks like a robot) The supposed “alien” asks for a female to “fecundate” (bone), stating his planet’s women are barren. Then, he gives Moreau the winning lottery numbers to a 690-million-Euro jackpot, ensuring he’ll have the funds to construct the time gate.

When he wakes, an energized Moreau relates the whole thing to his whorey assistant, feeling he’s earned the right to sniff her “Hair of Heaven” (scientific mumbo-jumbo for pubes). She takes her panties off and straddles his face, at which point the visuals border hardcore.

After he sniffs the pink fortress, Doctor Moreau constructs his contraption, materializing the guy from his dream (referred to as Mr. Alien during the film, and Next-Level during the credits). It takes some convincing, but Whore Lips agrees to get fecundated, i.e. poked by Next-Level’s eggplant (don’t ask) — though, we soon learn the whole thing was a trap. As it turns out, this Next-Level mofo was nothing more than a robo-drone sent by a much more alien-looking alien to not only breed with the people of earth, but infect them with the Soft Machine virus from the first film, weakening their immune systems for an all-out invasion. Only Whore Lips’ savage, rabid dog-like Kung Fu can save us now!

Eh, was I close? Fuck it.

Ok, so— wait, what the f— alright, hold up. Where do I start?

Remember the first film? Yeah, no. VigasioSexploitation Vol. 2 is a whole new can of worm-lipped lab assistants — louder, brighter and more berserk, shown in warm, vibrant color, featuring audible dialogue. Oh, and it looks a lot better, just visually speaking.

Be warned, If you sneeze, you’ll miss the few tenuous tie-ins connecting this film to the last (besides its title, of course), like the Next-Level character (who maybe appeared for a minute last time), and a fleeting reference to the Soft Machine toward the end. An eggplant comes into play that might have been meant to continue the egg motif from the first flick, but who knows, maybe not. Eggs. Eggplant. Same difference, right?

After taking some time to sit back and digest these flicks, I think I’ve begun to understand the “agrestic” principles director Montresor adheres to. Methinks he’s less concerned with your standard movie conventions than shooting unique, lasting imagery, using his films like a painter uses their canvas. Agrestic means less of a literal, thematic “return to agriculture” (whatever that would entail) than an uninhibited, highly-visual take on the filmmaking process. I’m guessing Montresor goes about his work in a very organic, almost subconscious way, realizing whatever random, madcap, titillating imagery comes to mind. Simple as that. Truth be told, it’s not a bad method.

I mean, I don’t think I’ll forget the beginning when Osso grows a mustache, the abundant up-close-and-personal shots of our main character’s roast beef, or the eggplant sailing into her snootchy. And I really don’t think I’ll forget the icing on the cake when she viciously mauls and kills the invisible motorcycle gang, firing her breasts like machine guns, drenching the grounds of a slaughterhouse with gallons of CGI blood — all while she’s topless and gagged with a dental gag. No, really.

So bravo. VSV2 accomplished what it set out to do. I think. Erm…

Vigasio 2 1

Vigasio 2 2

Vigasio 2 3

Vigasio 2 4

Vigasio 2 5

The Verdict
Check it out. You can’t beat the price. Again, you can find it here.
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Wham! Bam! Thank You, Spaceman! (1975)

Total Run Time: 51 minutes 49 seconds (official download)


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