Killjoy 2: Deliverance From Evil (2002)

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Directed by Tammi Sutton

A group of teenage criminals (made up of thirty-year-olds) is chaperoned by Lt. Redding and Officer Martinez (scream queen Debbie Rochon) to a place called Loxahatchee Canyon to renovate a youth center as punishment for whatever they did. Expectedly, partway through their two-hundred mile trip, they encounter engine trouble. Right, so, the girls stay back while the guys walk off to get help. When no one answers the door of the first house they come to, a guy named Ray-Ray takes it upon himself to break in. Big mistake. Once inside, he startles a “Crazy in Alabama bitch”, earning a shotgun blast to the chest. Unamused, Lt. Redding shoots the woman point blank in her face, even though she was super within her rights to protect her property.

After that, Redding gets lost (which is good, cos he’s most likely facing a prison sentence). Criminals 1 and 2 assist wounded Ray-Ray back to the van, meet up with the chicks, and the whole lot sets out for more help. This time, they break into a mystic’s house. Luckily, she’s more inviting, offering to perform Voodoo rituals on Ray-Ray to heal his wounds. As our characters wax poetic of black magic, one of the girls recalls a story she heard as a kid — the first film’s story. Later, a Nic (Ray-Ray’s best friend) tells her to “Conjure up that fool Killjoy.” Which she does, no questions asked. Why exactly this Nic guy believes an evil, murdering clown will save his homeboy’s life is a mystery, but Killjoy answers their call regardless — with senseless, comic violence!

Deliverance From Evil was co-produced by Tempe Video, an ultra-low-budget production/distribution company best known for The Dead Next Door and Ozone.

“Why, oh why, did it go down like this?” —theme from Killjoy 2

Why, oh why, indeed. I mentioned last review that Killjoy had its problems, but wasn’t a full-on train wreck. This one is.

For starters, Killjoy is introduced a bit differently than last time — that’s to say, without black magic or dolls. Here, a character calls his name, and he shows up. As simple as that. Right, so there he is in the woods, decimating delinquents in more of a straightforward slasher fashion (with newfound psychokinetic force powers, no less). The problem with that is having him run amok in the real world completely contradicts the first film where he had to lure victims back to his own realm for supernatural slaughter all Nightmare on Elm Street-like. Listen, if you’re going to make a horror sequel, re-watch the movie you’re making a sequel to. And be consistent with it. That’s the least you can do.

Our bozo looks different as well. Somehow, he’s dressed even worse than last time, wearing a mismatched outfit consisting of pink and black pinstripe pants, a fluffy pink choker and one Hell of an ugly gold jacket with purple lining. Yikes. Besides that, his makeup is different, hair bigger, voice deeper. They’ve changed him a lot. But why? The results are no more intimidating than last time. Less, actually. Remind me again why we’re supposed to be scared of this joke. Or do anything but laugh at him (notice I don’t say with him).

Killjoy 2 1

KJ2‘s biggest discrepancy might be the fact that white Trent Haaga now plays the title character. That’s right, a white actor takes the reins as a black character in a movie made for black people. Seems offensive, but I’m not black, so I wouldn’t know. Sadly, Haaga’s talents are wasted with lazy, weirdly-irrelevant dialogue such as “I hate sloppy seconds.” What the fuck does that mean? Watch the scene where he says that. Nothing was second, it makes no sense. Then, there’s “People need to get more fun out of death.” Ugh. Finally (brace yourselves), we’re hit with the always-hilarious and never-overused (by which I mean never-hilarious and always-overused) “Ooh, that’s gotta hurt.” Maybe Rumpelstiltskin writes his material? I’m usually a fan of Haaga’s, but like I said, he’s given so little to work with it’s almost painful to watch.

Then comes the ending. Killjoy meets his maker when splashed with a potion. It’s never explained what the potion was, nor hinted for a moment it would come into play, but it melts his face nonetheless. He’s flat-out invulnerable to bullets, has magic powers, survived the first flick, but random potions are apparently his bane. What an abrupt, shitty ending. Cool. Have I mentioned how lazy this movie is?

Killjoy 2 2

Gah! It’s like they didn’t even try. I’d wager to say I put more effort into writing this review than Tempe or Full Moon actually put into the movie.

A Few Questions
Why, when the outhouse door was opened, did blood spray out? That character died a while ago.

The Verdict
Killjoy 2 will kill your joy. Throw potions at it.

Scarecrow (2002)

KilljoyMania Doink the Clown Rating: One Doink, Rounded Up
Doink Scale 1


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