Killjoy Goes to Hell (2012)

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Directed by John Lechago

Three years post-Killjoy’s Revenge, the titular “king of the trickster gods” is forcibly dragged back to Hell (an asteroid belt orbiting earth’s molten core) and charged with a general lack of evil doery by his fellow hellspawn. “Remember, you’re on trial for being too much of a softy. You’re mushy, ineffective, uncommitted and impotent.” he’s told. Prosecuting him is none other than one of his old flames, the spurned and vivacious DA (Devil’s Advocate), with mild-mannered Satan himself acting as judge, jury and executioner.

Killjoy’s only hope is the bumbling Skid Mark, a fledgling clown defense attorney. Together, they re-summon Punchy, Freakshow and Batty Boop from the previous film as witnesses. Unfortunately, their testimony isn’t enough, so the five-some hatch a plan to spring Sandy, Killjoy’s only surviving witness, from the psych ward in which she mindlessly chuckles away. Will she be willing to vouch for Killjoy’s wicked ways before he and his legacy are forever stricken from the record?

Up until this point, the Killjoy films have stuck to a basic formula — Killjoy is summoned, shows up and slays a bunch of young people.

This time, instead of churning out more of the same, returning writer/director Lechago breaks from that format. Here, the tables have turned. Killjoy assumes what’s almost a victim role as an underdog fighting for his very existence. Sure, it would have been cake for Lechago to slap more fodder kids onscreen to conjur and later get picked off by the series’ demon jester, but interestingly, he didn’t. Goes to Hell picks up where Revenge left off and puts a new spin on it, making this a direct sequel, albeit one that takes place three years later. It’s always a treat when filmmakers put forth the effort to expand on pre-established storylines and characters, and better yet, go a different direction. Let’s face it, horror series are notorious for not doing this, rehashing themselves over and over again with each installment. Same story, different characters. Friday the 13th, I’m looking at you.

Not here. This Part 4’s transpirings are refreshingly inventive, though maybe a smidge too intricate. There’s so much going on that certain threads are poorly introduced or explained — one, really — a subplot concerning an underground clown movement scheming to free Killjoy. Why? Who are they? Demons? Dead clowns? I’m confused.

Also, if I had to complain a bit more, too much of the action (or lack thereof) plays out in Hell’s courtroom. More cutaways to the cops investigating the events of the previous film, as well as a few more deaths or even some flashbacks would have helped with the pacing. The upside is these characters all have time to get fleshed out, properly developed.

Beyond these few complaints, Goes to Hell works. Since most of the cast and crew returned from Revenge, and only a small amount of time had gone by between the two, these latest entries match up almost identically in terms of their general feel, visual style and overall quality — which is great, cos I loved Revenge. That shiz was bananas. Expectedly, Trent Haaga nails it yet again as this vile vaude-villain, as do his co-clowns. Lets hope the Killjoy krew continues this trend of awesomeness with Psycho Circus, the upcoming fifth installment. Knowing Full Moon, all that’s left is a versus film. Killjoy Meets Head of the Family, anyone?

Released as a standalone film in the UK titled Killer Clown. Even though you could never possibly hope to understand it by itself.

Roughly half of Killjoy’s ancient names: Anansi, Anrita, Asmodeus, Azeban, Baron Samedi, Sun Wukong, Videion, Daucina, Dickandy, D’nab Slrach, Dlarejztif Nor, Eshu, Ti Malice Bouki, Shub-Egroeg, Mokorios, Noxin-Drachir, Nankil’slas, Nanabozho, Nanabush, Ogachel, Nezha, Raven, Sagrav Legna, Saci-Pereré, San Martin Txiki, Shub-Jrodg, Sosruko, and Bamapana. Note that most of these are actual mythical beings.

Killjoy Hell 1

Killjoy Hell 2


A Few Questions
Killjoy killed Satan?
Since when can these clowns simply jump through mirrors or ride elevators to the surface world? I thought they had to be summoned.
One of his names was Dickandy? Like, Andy Dick? Really?

The Verdict
Not quite as good as Killjoy’s Revenge, but fun nonetheless. Though it takes a different approach, diehard fans of the series (eh, if there are such people) will still be able to get behind it.

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell (TV, 2013)

KilljoyMania Doink the Clown Rating: Four Doinks
Doink Scale 4


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  1. Haha. “Vaude-villain.” Buh-zing.


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