Which Horror Series Should I Review Next?

Mania Banner Gingerdead Man

Mania Banner Basket Case

Mania Banner Its Alive

Now that I’ve finished reviewing the Killjoy films, I’m setting my sights on more hokey horror franchises. For the sake of convenience, I’ve chosen three that I already own in their entirety. There’s sort of a theme here too, as each feature knee-high antagonists. In The Gingerdead Man, a remorseless spree killer is reincarnated as a quipping cookie. In Basket Case, a young man is forced to choose between budding romance or his horribly-disfigured Siamese twin. Finally, in It’s Alive, the Davises are terrorized by their own deformed baby. Which should I review next?

Also, I’m contemplating hosting a so-called “Blogathon”, where various bloggers come together to review movies of a common theme, but maybe not for some time. Here are just two possible ideas I’ve come up with:

The Charles Bronson-athon
Movies starring, in my opinion, the greatest action hero of all time. From his Western beginnings, to his excellent 70s action-dramas, to his campy 80s and 90s work, no one compares to the mustached, magnum-wielding he-man vigilantism of Charles Bronson!
Blogathon Charles Bronson

The Bigfoot-athon
Of course, “Bigfoot” would serve as a catch-all term for all monstrous hominids. Movies with Yetis, Yerens, Abominable Snowmen and other such creatures would all be fair game.
Blogathon Bigfoot II

Besides that, I’m always open to publishing guest posts (lists, reviews, opinion pieces). Is any of this something you’d be interested in? Let me know what you think. Leave your comments below.


2 Responses to “Which Horror Series Should I Review Next?”

  1. Xenolicker Says:

    Deformed Baby! Deformed Baby!!


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