Short: Tainted Milk (2009)

Directed by Jimmy ScreamerClauz

A young boy named Tommy is told by a neighbor’s dog (think “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz) to assist in killing his family. “God sent me to tell you that the child living inside your mother is the Antichrist.” Labby the black lab elaborates. “Babies drink from their mothers’ breasts, and breasts only have enough of God’s milk to feed one baby… When the second child comes, the milk becomes tainted… [Shadow men] sneak into the lady’s tummy and take over the newly created fetus, turning it evil.”

For gullible Tommy, this explanation and plan of action make total sense, cos— well, who is he, a mere kid, to question God’s word, as passed along by a talking dog? That night, Labby rips the fetus from Tommy’s mom’s snootchy, then bites his dad’s junk off. “What the fuck, are you some sort of faggot cannibal?!” Tommy’s dad wails in a mixture of disbelief and agony. “Fuu-yyyyour eating my dick!!!”

But the grisly results are too much for poor Tommy to handle. Racked with guilt, his fragile psyche deteriorates, culminating in a twisted, hallucinatory voyage through Hell. And bestiality. Yeah, it’s fucked up.

Written, directed, animated, composed, etc. by one-man acid trip Jimmy ScreamerClauz, Tainted Milk is a putrid, sticky residue of psycho-depravity, unfit for the average horror fan. If, like me, however, you ramble the cinematic periphery in search of the weirdest, most WTF stuff you can find, you’re in for something else alright.

From what I’ve gathered, this ScreamerClauz fellow is also an underground “speedcore” musician. Wikipedia states that, “Speedcore DJs often use violent, vulgar, and offensive themes in their music to push the boundaries of the genre.” Well, when he’s not sampling soundbites of serial killers, this morbid (if not creative) ol’ chap is applying the same methodology to his visual output. Nudity, murder, mutilation, infanticide and bestiality are just a few of the taboo concepts festering within this Pandora’s Box.

Despite all that, I must say, the weirdest part of this short is probably its animation style. It doesn’t fit. Milk‘s seemingly harmless, almost comically stiff, somewhere-between-Playstation 1-and-PlayStation 2-caliber graphics contradict the extreme subject matter so much so that you might be genuinely taken aback (as I was) by the onscreen happenings. Damn graphics. Lull me into a false sense of security, will ya?

I mean, how many games have you played like this? If there were a Sims expansion pack where the sims got really fucked up on bath salts, it might resemble the Hellish goings-on of this dark, rainy nightmare-cosm. Might.

But most likely not.

Milk 3

Milk 1

Milk 2

Followed by two more shorts, Liquid Memories and The Masks That The Monsters Wear. All three have since been compiled into a single film titled Where the Dead Go to Die, featuring (maybe surprisingly) the voice work of B-movie scream queen Linnea Quigley and Killjoy 2-4’s Trent Haaga, as well as a number of speedcore artists. Currently available on DVD and Blu-ray at Amazon. Click here.

The Verdict
Though it might seem antisocial for the sake of being antisocial, there’s clearly a fair amount of artistic merit and thought behind it. All in all, an unforgettable watch. YouTube it.

Where the Dead Go to Die (2012)


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