Bloggiversary Post: A Quick Thanks, Search Terms and Headers

Wow, has it been two years already?

Birfday Cake

I started this blog, this amassment of half-assed, semi-legible “fringe” film reviews, in September of 2012 as a way to improve my writing, first and foremost, but also as a way to connect with some like-minded weirdos, discuss my favorite movies, sheer boredom, a number of reasons really. I feel I’ve grown in this time, not only as a writer, a blogger and a horror fan, but a person too. A lot can happen to a chap in two years, and it has. Believe me. Most bloggers start out strong, but abruptly stop posting, due to a lose of interest, or not being able to fit it into their day-to-day lives anymore. All I can say is I’ve done my best to ensure that hasn’t happened. I’ll admit, there were a few months that I feared would slip by without an update of some kind from yours truly — though, to my credit, I’ve always come up with something. And I guess, when you think about it, two years is quite a long time to keep up with a hobby, so either I feel compelled on some level to keep you guys entertained, or I’ve got nothing better to do. Both probably. In any event, thanks for reading, liking, linking, leaving your comments. It goes a long way in motivating me. You’re always welcome back, and welcome to add to the conversion.

Search Terms

Now, in the name of tradition, let’s take a moment to look back at the best of the search terms you high-minded dandies mashed in to get here. Some of these made me laugh, others confused me, some just concerned me. Oh well, it is what it is. Thanks, and keep reading — and, uh, Google-ing weird shit to get here.

interesting shit
boobs in leprechaun
do they show tits in creepozoids?
big ass void
sex mom japan void
fringe hentai
girl fringing wet pissy [sic]
first letter wet c*nt
porn midget dvds
groped films
groping movie
receptionist grope
uncle sam vs gingerbread man vs jack frost
leprechaun vs freddy krueger
frankenweenie vs turd
poop cat joke
white guy afro
pierced goth labia
the devil is alive
dinosaucers hentai
before chainsaws
goop rape porn
vagina penetration coochie
coming soon sloppy c*cksuckers, scene #09

It’s worth noting my write-up for Abel Ferrara’s 9 Lives of a Wet Pussy Cat is STILL the biggest reason you pervs have dropped in. Looks like a follow-up post is in order. Stay tuned for that.


Lastly, here are the headers I’ve used (and one I designed but never used) for the past year. Damn, I should switch back to that second one. Through the Looking Glass and Troll 2, respectively — is there any more fitting combo? Yes, yes there is. Awesome movies, though.

Fringe Void Logo 417

Fringe Void Logo 418

Fringe Void Logo 420

Fringe Void Logo 4133






7 Responses to “Bloggiversary Post: A Quick Thanks, Search Terms and Headers”

  1. […] horror-blogger Fringe Void just celebrated his two-year anniversary over on his blog. Congratulations to him on being consistently awesome. Also I’m shamelessly ripping him off, […]


  2. coming soon sloppy c*cksuckers, scene #09

    Those are the readers you want 😀


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