Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver (2011)

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Directed by William Butler

At some point, the Gingerdead Man was apparently apprehended and locked away in the Scientific Research Institute For the Study of Homicidal Baked Goods with (as the title of the facility suggests), other homicidal baked goods, including a loaf of French bread, a sexy pie, a Jamaican pot brownie, and a cream puff. Yes, there are more of these things.

Well, on a dark and windy night, a lass by the name of Clarissa Darling pays the “crumby little bastard” a visit, claiming to have been sent by the FBI to assemble a case study on him, determine which ingredients drive him to kill, and so forth. If he cooperates, she informs him, the DA will cut him a deal by facilitating his transfer to every baked goods’ dream — Candy Land Island maximum security prison. Before ol’ Gingy can respond, a militant group of confused animal activists breaks in, mistakes him for a Capuchin monkey, and liberates him from his cell. In the chaos that follows, Clarissa reveals she’s actually Millard Findlemeyer’s sister, and vows to exact revenge on the cookie she says possessed her homeless brother and made him take his own life all those years ago.

Sigh. I can’t even begin to explain how contradictory this is to the previous two films, but I’ll try:

1) Findlemeyer never committed suicide, he was executed.
2) The cookie was baked with his ashes, and came to exist after he died.
3) Findlemeyer possessed the cookie, not the other way around.

GingerCleaver 1

As the Gingerdead Man makes a break for it, he comes across a pair of scientists tinkering with a remote-controlled time machine that only transports food (?), shoots them both, and hijacks the contraption back to 1976, arriving at Trixie’s Rollerland just in time for the fourth annual Roller Boogie Queen Pageant.

Less than impressed with his new surroundings, he tries the remote once more, but finds it doesn’t work. Trapped in time, he decides to make the best of a bad situation by getting his groove on, his groove being murder and mayhem! “…Might as well roll a few heads!” he guffaws.

William Butler co-writes for a third time, directs and takes the reigns as the voice of his crusty creation, whose appearance has yet again been updated. Gone is the man-cookie’s trademark bowtie, replaced with some actual eyes (that even blink, thanks to the wonders of post-production) and oversized teeth that might be a tip of the hat to the first actor who voiced him, Gary Busey.

GingerCleaver 2

By the way, I looove the GM’s character bio at IMDb. Nobody’s changed this blurb in five years. Bravo, contributor scribeandmoviegeek.

While this is a Gingerdead Man movie, the titular roller boogeyman serves as more of a side note or a subplot. The real focus is Cherry, a pretty but socially awkward Carrie spoof, and her unlikely bid for the title of Roller Boogie Queen.

Indeed, the funniest and most entertaining bits of this buttery, flaky flick are those with Cherry (Paris Wagner), Cherry’s protective aunt Trixie, the owner of the roller disco (played by a female impersonator, Kent Fuher), and Trixie’s assistant Ingrid Harshman (a play on the Beulah Balbricker character from Porky’s, co-writer Muffy Bolding).

Trixie especially cracks me up when explaining in great detail why she hypocritically disallows her niece from skating.


“It was 1941,” she reminisces to wartime stock footage, “FDR was in office and the Japs were on a rampage throughout the Pacific… Before I knew it, I’d landed in the USO [roller barrel jumping] for the troops. The boys loved me, especially FDR himself, who invited me to a special sunrise performance in Oahu, Hawaii… The crowd went berserk! They were chanting my name over and over as I took a running start and launched myself into the air! It was about that time the first bomb went off. The barrels scattered as I hurled myself across the marble patio, and as I laid there looking up, all I could see were the Japanese Zeros flying overhead. I hit the ground like a bag of wet cement, shattering my pelvis, along with the dream of a mighty nation…”

“What are you saying?” Cherry asks.

“I’m saying that, had I not been performing that morning, December 7th, 1941, every last one of those sailors would have been manning their battle stations. And Pearl Harbor never would have happened!”


Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver (originally advertised as Roller Boogieman — wouldn’t spelling it “Boogeyman” like I did earlier make more sense?), is every bit as ridiculous as Passion of the Crust, difference is, this one parodies well-known flicks from the past, as opposed to itself and the Full Moon brand in general.

In one of its more outlandish scenes, another Porky’s reference, the Gingerdead Man gets his “snack cake” ripped off through a glory hole in a women’s restroom. Yeowch.
GingerCleaver 53

Sadly, as is the case with far too many of Full Moon’s recent productions, the weakest part of this flick is its killin’. Almost all the effects are accomplished with entry-level animation. Sorry, but watching the Gingerdead Man fire CGI nails at a couple of drugged-up youths and a janitor, or digitally melt a group of bikini-clad bimbos with showers of hydrochloric acid just doesn’t do it for me, nor do the endless streams of computerized blood this visual abomination provides.

Still, the whole thing is just so absurd that it’s hard not to enjoy it for what it is. Unlike the first movie, it’s well-paced, with enjoyable characters and a generous assortment of funny gags and dated pop-culture references older fans will no doubt enjoy. If nothing else, pick it up to find out how Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and Lizzie Borden figure into the mix.

The Gingerdead Man clearly presses 2 and 5 on the time machine remote, but somehow winds up in 1976.

A Few Questions
How can Tammy be a four-time winner when this is only the fourth annual Roller Boogie Queen Pageant?

The Verdict
Give it a watch.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)
Roller Boogie (1979)
The Nail Gun Massacre (1985)

GingerdeadMania Cookie Rating: Three Cookies
Cookie Scale 3


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