Saving Lives, It’s All in a Day’s Work

After taking the garbage out this morning, my wife calmly noted, “There’s a raccoon in the dumpster.” Concerned, I went to investigate. Sure enough, when I opened the lid, a pair of eyes was staring back at me. It was clear the poor guy was trapped, and very depressed. He lay with his head down, and didn’t even bother to move when he saw me.


Fearing the critter would either be crushed in the next truck, or pelted with bags of garbage, rocks, etc., by asshole people who consider the life with which we share this planet to be beneath them (most people, in my experience), I found a large stick, and propped it against the inside of the dumpster. He perked up right away to investigate. I could hear the cogs in his head spinning. Then, he shimmied his way to freedom.

Raccoon Escape

Though my story of mammalian brotherhood might sound trivial, I walked around with a great deal of pride and satisfaction the rest of the day just knowing I’d helped the guy out. Thought I’d share. #PayItForwardBro


8 Responses to “Saving Lives, It’s All in a Day’s Work”

  1. Xenolicker Says:

    Well done, that raccoon will go on now and might still have a great career in the movies!


  2. That’s so cool. You should walk around with a sense of pride and satisfaction. Most people would have just been not bothered to take the small amount of time to help the little guy out.


    • Thanks. I’m kind of a sucker for little animals. I took a rabbit in two or three years ago that a relative found chillin’ in the middle of the road. We assumed him to be an escaped or released pet cos he didn’t try to run and has lop ears. But that’s another story for another day.


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