Movie Fauxsters: You’re Next

If you were a fan of professional wrestling in the late 90s, you’ll get it.

You're Next Fauxster II


6 Responses to “Movie Fauxsters: You’re Next”

  1. As a wrestling fan, this is excellent work!


    • I knew somebody would get it! Random question: has the WWE Network been made available down there?


      • Yes it has! Probably for two or three months now. Do you have it? I love it. I’ve only watched wrestling pretty intermittently over the past decade. But for that price, with all PPVs included which I could never afford otherwise, it’s a no-brainer. I’ve actually been off work all week with a bad back. So have continued working my way through all the WWE PPVs from where I watched as a kid – knocked over Wrestlemania IX and King of the Ring 1993 this week.


        • That’s funny, I’m laid up with a bad back as well. Yeah, I have the Network too. I subscribed the night before WrestleMania XXX. It’s an incredible value!

          I’ve kept up with WWE for the most part over the years, but arrived pretty late to the party with WCW and ECW. I’

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          • Bummer! Hope your back has come good. Mine is a fair bit better now. Still giving me a few issues, but much better.

            You found any gems in the old WCW/ECW stuff you’ve been watching?

            Oh and wow. The mullets! It’s easier to count the people who didn’t have nasty mullets in the early 90s.


        • Stupid iPad. I’m trying to run through the old WCW PPVs. I’m still in the early 90s. I’ve made a game out of counting the number of bleach-blonde mullets per PPV. Good lord, the mullets.


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