Asian Movie Month, Year III

Asian Movie Month IIIThis February, for the third February in a row, Fringe Void will be holding its annual Asian Movie Month event. All this means is we’ll still be reviewing bizarre cult, horror, sci-fi, action, exploitation and sleaze movies like normal, with the added stipulation that all of them were produced on the world’s most populous continent. Last year’s Horny House of Horror butt rating system (below) was a moderate hit, so we’re bringing that back as well. Every movie reviewed next month will be rated on a scale of one to three butts, with three being the best. Let me know if you’d like to contribute original, unpublished reviews, lists, articles, drawings, etc. to the cause by leaving your comments below or emailing yours truly at

Butt Scale 1

Butt Scale 2

Butt Scale 3

Oh, and here’s this:


2 Responses to “Asian Movie Month, Year III”

  1. That rating system is both highly disturbing and yet absolute genius at the same time. The countdown is on, the yearly tradition continues. I can’t wait!

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