And Now, Because I was Bored, the Sequel to My Last Quiz

It’s back! The evil that had you screaming, “It’s only a quiz! It’s only a quiz!” Most quizzes last less than five minutes. This is one of everlasting torment! Do you have what it takes to endure the pulse-pounding power… A second time?! Guess which exploitation and horror movies these brilliant, bone-blasting blurbs were used to promote. Grab a pencil and paper. Each clue appears for seven to ten seconds. Pause for more time if you need to. Add an extra three points to your score for each bonus question you answer correctly. Good luck, and let me know how you did or if you enjoyed the quiz. Don’t read the comments ’til after you’re done, as there may be spoilers! Click here for my previous horror quizzes.

Score Yourself
0-10 correct answers: Horror Novice
11-20 correct answers: Horror Fan
20+ correct answers: Full-fledged Horror Nerd


2 Responses to “And Now, Because I was Bored, the Sequel to My Last Quiz”

  1. I only got 18, but it was fun! I mixed up The Faculty with Slither and Day of the dead with Dawn of the Dead. That would have put me at 20. Fun quiz 😀

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