Don’t Be Shy, Step Right Up — Classic Horror Movie Quotes Quiz #3: The Quiz Walks Among Us, or Something Something More Boredom

It’s a tough pill to swallow, a big horse one that leaves me with an irritating bubble-in-the-back-of-my-throat feeling, but I’m slowly coming to realize that what I once knew as free time is gone and may never return — and may, for all I know, be dead and chopped up in some maniac’s crawlspace somewhere — unless occasionally pounding back enough energy drinks to skip sleep altogether counts, in which case I’ll take what I can get and stop judging me damnit. My latest caffeine and B vitamin-fueled bender of desperation and boredom presents — among other things — another cortex crunching quizful of cataclysmic quotes. See if you can remember which exploitation and horror movies these seventeen clips are from. After the pause symbol appears, you’ll have five more seconds to think of the answer before it’s revealed. Hints are provided. Good luck, and let me know how you did or if you enjoyed the quiz! As always, don’t read the comments ’til after you’re done, as there may be spoilers! Click here for my previous horror quizzes. End ¶.

Score Yourself
0-5 correct answers: Horror Novice
6-12 correct answers: Horror Fan
13-17 correct answers: Full-fledged Horror Nerd


9 Responses to “Don’t Be Shy, Step Right Up — Classic Horror Movie Quotes Quiz #3: The Quiz Walks Among Us, or Something Something More Boredom”

  1. These are always fun! It’s been so long since I’ve seen Hellraiser III. Since VHS days at least.

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    • Thanks! My opinion of Hellraiser III seems to ping pong between disappointing and a decent sequel every few years. I think we can all agree it’s no Hellbound, though.

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      • It’s a cool movie if not compared to the first two. The tone is just too different. Still, compared to what the other major franchises were putting out at that point, it was fun. Of course, this is all based off of recollections that are over 20 years old at this point.


        • It contradicts a lot of the rules of the Hellraiser universe the first two movies establish and has a different vibe to it, but like you said, it’s pretty decent on its own terms. Parts 3-8 come in a pack for $5 now. I saw it at Walmart.

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          • Is 3 the unrated version? I remember the first DVD was the R cut. I think that’s why I held on to my VHS for so long. How were the later sequels? I’ve seen a few, but can’t remember which ones after Bloodline.


          • Uhm, it doesn’t look like it. I wasn’t aware there’s an unrated version of Hellraiser III. Unrated in the sense that it’s, like, more violent?

            I’ve read that Parts 5-8 were unrelated projects the studio rewrote to include Pinhead, which makes sense considering they have nothing to do with each other or the first half of the series. They’re all pretty much direct-to-video thrillers with Pinhead as the twist at the end. I remember enjoying Inferno. Hellseeker is actually pretty slick. Ashley Laurence returns for a cameo as Kirsty Cotton. Deader and Hellworld are completely skippable and forgettable.

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          • I don’t know if I’ve seen the r-rated cut ever. I just know the VHS box had a few slashes in the the bottom corner denoting the unrated version. I figured it was probably from that massacre in the club or the girl losing her skin.

            Of course, maybe it was more thrusting during that incredible sex scene. It’s amazing how he could keep such a firm grip on each breast while smoking, thrusting, and grunting so vigorously.


          • I strive to attack life the same way that guy attacks vaginas — full steam ahead with a boob in each hand. No other way to go.

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          • That is a motto to live by. I hope your legacy is engraved on your headstone!

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