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I’ve stated before that my biggest reasons for starting this blog were to improve my writing skills, find my voice, and better formulate my thoughts, and I feel I’ve done that. From day one, Fringe Void has been less of a hobby than a writing exercise. For three years, I’ve posted a wide range of material, from movie reviews to film news to lists to my own personal artwork to video quizzes and even handmade crossword puzzles — whatever I felt like or wanted to attempt, really. I’ve never considered myself an authority on things I’ve posted about, nor was it ever my intent to rack up a large number of views or followers, just indulge my creative side a bit, ramble about whatever was tickling my fancy at the time, and like I said, improve my writing.

So now, looking back with a fresh set of eyes after several months off, my earlier stuff from the archives here is a tad bit embarrassing and I’d just as soon like to pretend it doesn’t exist. That’s why, as some of you others have done recently, I’ve started a new blog. It can be found at the following address:

So check it out if you’d like. A big thanks to all who’ve stopped in and found even the smallest sliver of value or entertainment in anything I’ve had to say. An even bigger thank you to Angry Scholar, Xenolicker, Parlor of Horror, Horrific Healing and Beer Movie, in that order, for commenting the most.

Oh, and as long as you’re here, give my latest quiz a try. Thanks again!


2 Responses to “New Site”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, man! I also just kinda came back after another unexpected hiatus. It’s been tons of fun exchanging quips–I hope you’ll still be up for it even with your other thing (which I just opened in another tab–it better be good, dagnabbit).


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