As if Healthcare Costs Weren’t Horrific Enough, it’s “Death Nurse” (1987)

For my second review at the new site, I test my patience with Death Nurse (1987).

The Devil's DVD Bin

Death Nurse DVD Scan [black border]Directed By
Nick Millard, as Nick Philips

Version Reviewed
25th Anniversary Slasher // Video DVD © 2012, Region: 1, Format: NTSC

Total Runtime
57 minutes, 18 seconds

With steadfast resolve, Nurse Edith Mortley (Priscilla Alden, the Criminally Insane series) dabs at the brow of a hard working surgeon whilst handing him the supplies he requests. “Scalpel. Sponge. Scalpel. Sponge.” The surgeon is wearing a washcloth with strands of twine fed through it in place of a surgical mask. Honest to goodness, a washcloth. Reaction shots of the pair’s patient (read: victim) reveal that he’s not only fully conscious, but gagged with masking tape and restrained to the operating table. And instead of being operated on, he’s being stabbed in the chest. Come to think of it, they look to be in a bedroom instead of an OR. A few muffled cries, a loll of the head…

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