80s Horror Movie Poster Quiz

Hey, I made a thing. Let me know if you thought this was fun. I can do more for the 70s and 90s, time permitting.


4 Responses to “80s Horror Movie Poster Quiz”

  1. I got 17 right! That was a fun one 🙂 I got the 1st 10 no problem. With Bad Dreams, I knew the poster but the title wasn’t coming to me. I’d actually like it better if it was a little shorter, maybe 25 at a time, just an opinion. Definitely do another, I’m going to share this on FB. And if you do anymore crossword puzzles, I liked them too!

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  2. I second the vote for crosswords.

    I enjoyed this. I’d love to see the 70s as well, but I didn’t like the trends in 90s posters. To me, the ensemble picture for Scream represented everything that sort of brought me out of the genre.

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