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“High Rise” (1973), and the Best XXX-rated Film Theme Song Ever

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High Rise

Directed by Danny Stone

Fade in from black. The movie kicks off with a quick, metafictional clip of a bumbling production assistant slamming his hand in a clapperboard. Next, we meet Susie (3-time actress Tamie Trevor, that’s her to the right with her boob out), an empty-headed brunette, reclined on a couch in a hack psychiatrist’s office. “It’s like this doctor, [my husband and I] just don’t fuck anymore… Nothing I do seems to tickle his fancy.” she confides. Then, bizarrely and out of the blue, she admits to having been intimate with a frog back in high school. Continue reading

Your Preconceived Opinions Will Be Chooped to Bits the Minute You Step Foot in Ray Dennis Steckler’s “Blood Shack” (1971)

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Directed by Wolfgang Schmidt

The setting sun reflects off a zooming camera lens, a kaleidoscopic effect. A character we’re introduced to later on breathes a few lines of voiceover narration, setting the stage for this I-guess-supernatural slasher. “There is a legend about this valley, a tale carried across the winds of time. A legend strange and sinister. The legend of the Chooper.” And no, that’s not a typo on my part, nor is it a mispronunciation. Continue reading

Boring Title, Bad Movie, Plenty of Fun — Andy Milligan’s “Blood” (1974)

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Directed by Andy Milligan

The opening credits roll and we’re introduced to a couple of men who look like they’ve stepped out of a Sherlock Holmes novel. One of them, Markham, is showing a house to the other, a Dr. Lawrence Orlofski. Markham notes how the premises would be great for gardening, to which Orlofski replies, “My wife doesn’t like the daylight hours. Rather, I should say daylight doesn’t agree with her. She has trouble with the pigmentation of her skin. Direct sunlight would be poison for her. As a matter of fact, more than five minutes of sunlight could possibly kill her. So you see, she’ll be doing very little gardening, I’m afraid. Nor shall I, for that matter, as my experiments occupy most of my daylight hours.” Orlofski proceeds to be very curt with the man, refusing a tour of the property, as well as a dinner invitation. He takes the house, then practically shoves Markham out the front door as he hands over a check for the first three months’ worth of rent, stating, “Please do not come here when the rent is due again, I shall send it to you before it is due… Good day.” Well. The rude bastard!

As soon as Markham has left, Orlofski beckons for his offscreen servants to rush his wife with the aforementioned sunlight aversion, Regina, in from a side door. She’s wrapped head to toe in black fabric, and, it’s revealed, is overdue for her weekly injection of something or other. We get a quick look at her face here; she’s literally a rotting corpse. Continue reading

Monthly Smut: Breaking Point (1975)

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Breaking Point Poster

Directed by Ron Silberman Jr.

A woman returns from a shopping trip. She’s attacked in her home, raped and done in with several blows to the skull by an unseen assailant wielding an ashtray.

Cut to an awkward, bespectacled, borderline autistic lover of toy trains that bears at least a passing resemblance to Steve Carell’s character from The Office. He works in a skyscraper, tediously stamping reports, sneering at the gals who deliver more paperwork to his desk, muttering “Bitch.” as they walk away. His name is Billing.

Then, a breaking news report. “An extremely cruel rape-murder was committed yesterday afternoon.” the newscaster states. “[The victim] was raped by a still-unidentified man…” The reporter turns it over to a Dr. Sigmund (like, Freud?), an alleged “expert” on psychiatric matters.

The man weighs in with some top knowledge, “One thing to keep in mind when dealing with deviants like this is never to offer any resistance. Now, a man like this actually wants you to resist, so our advice is to keep calm and let him do whatever he wants to. Even if worst comes to worst, you’ll only get raped. And current statistics indicate that 89% of the respondents, the women who answered the survey, have at one time or another in their lives actually wanted to be raped.” Continue reading