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“Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles” (2012) Will Leave You Clamoring For More Dingdong

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Directed by Erik Matti

Impudent, cocksure Makoy (Filipino heartthrob Dingdong “Yeah, That’s His Name” Dantes) rides a motorized tricycle from Manila to his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sonia (Lovi Poe, in at least her second Aswang movie)’s parents’ house in the sticks of Pulupandan to apologize for a falling out (it’s mentioned that porcelain was smashed; I assume dishes were thrown). Sonia’s mother answers the door. “Go on, fuck off, you ass.” she admonishes. Sonia comes to the door and gives her repentant babydaddy the what-for as well. “I can the child raise without you.” she states. “You’re such an asshole.” Makoy begs her to return home with him.

She refuses. Continue reading

Battle Royal High School (1988)

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Directed by Ichirô Itano

A fighter in a leopard mask named Riki Hyoudo (not to be confused with King from the Tekken games, or Tiger Mask, the pro wrestler) has single-handedly whooped his high school karate club. “The entire karate club is dead meat.” he boasts. Last in line is Captain Baba, the coach. “I want to be the best fighter in the entire world…” Riki tells him. “After I’m done with you, my study of unconventional techniques will continue!” Well, Riki kicks his ass, earning the respect of his classmates whilst causing Cap’n Baba to resign (and most likely commit seppuku) in shame. Continue reading

The SafeHouse (2009)

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Directed by William Morroni

As a teenager, Nicole was gang-raped and force-fed cocaine by the high school football team. Now, she’s got “the bad man virus”, an illness that makes her date scumbags. Worse, she’s so strung-out, she’ll do anything for a hit. As one character puts it, “She’s a coke whore… Give her some powder, she’ll slob your knob.” And she proves it! One day, she wakes up to witness her drug dealer boyfriend Jimmy blast an undercover cop. Frightened, she and her friend Kim devise a plan to break away from the gang. But that night, while Jimmy’s posse is killing and robbing its rivals, Nicole is found cowering in a public park by police and arrested. After she’s guaranteed protection, Nikki sings, reluctantly agreeing to testify against the gang. The next day, she and the two cops that booked her, Keith and Jason, move in to a house that was seized in a crystal meth bust. Shortly after they set up camp, Nicole is attacked by an unknown assassin disguised in your standard Giallo get-up. Is it a gang member come to silence her? One of the cops? Someone else? Or, is she merely experiencing hallucinations brought on by the coke withdrawals? Increasingly paranoid, Nicole perceives herself to be in a kill-or-be-killed situation. One thing’s for sure — this SafeHouse is anything but! Continue reading