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“Satan’s Blade” (1984) — “That’s the one about the mountain man whose spirit still roams through these hills!”

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Directed by L. Scott Castillo, Jr.

A knife is thrown from off-screen. It sticks in a tree, then pulses red to signify, I don’t know, it’s possessed or something. Opening credits.

Satan's Blade 1 Continue reading

I’m Sure There’s a Yakov Smirnoff Joke to be Made Here Somewhere — “Viy” (1967)

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Directed by Konstantin Yershov, Georgi Kropachyov

Three monks, an orator, a philosopher, and a theologian, get lost in the Ukrainian countryside trekking home from their monastery. They come to a farmhouse. They bang on the gate. An elderly woman (played by a man, I believe) shambles out from inside. “Have mercy on us, my good woman!” the men of faith plead. “It’s unforgivable to let Christian souls perish in the night.” The “old skinflint”, as they rudely refer to her to her face, acquiesces. Her room, she claims, is limited, so the philosopher, Khoma Brutus, is sent to sleep in her cow stalls. Continue reading

Your Preconceived Opinions Will Be Chooped to Bits the Minute You Step Foot in Ray Dennis Steckler’s “Blood Shack” (1971)

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Directed by Wolfgang Schmidt

The setting sun reflects off a zooming camera lens, a kaleidoscopic effect. A character we’re introduced to later on breathes a few lines of voiceover narration, setting the stage for this I-guess-supernatural slasher. “There is a legend about this valley, a tale carried across the winds of time. A legend strange and sinister. The legend of the Chooper.” And no, that’s not a typo on my part, nor is it a mispronunciation. Continue reading

Short: Night of the Hell Hamsters (2006)

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Directed by Paul Campion

It’s a dark and stormy night. Karl shows up to visit his babysitter girlfriend Julie on the job, slyly forgetting to bring the Ouija board she asked for, muttering something like, “Maybe you can play with me instead, gyuh hyuh hyuh.” Suggestive eyebrows. Unimpressed, Julie makes due with a toddler’s alphabet game and a shot glass. Even though she’s a fan of horror movies, and one would presume that she knows better, nothing bad could possibly happen, right? Well, no. In going along with his lady friend’s ill-advised divination to maybe score sex, Karl calls out to the made-up name Spozgar. Unbelievably, an evil spirit named Spozgar exists, and decides to possess the pet hamsters, morphing them into an evil pair of testicle-biting beasties! Can Julie, her beau and the baby they seemingly couldn’t give two fucks about that’s never shown onscreen survive the Night of the Hell Hamsters? Continue reading

Sweet Home (1989)

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Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa

TV producer Kazuo, his daughter Emi, reporter Asuka, art preserver Akiko and all-purpose chauffeur/camera guy Taguchi negotiate the keys to an old mansion they don’t know is haunted so they can restore a long-lost fresco, as well as shoot footage for a documentary on it.

“Thirty years ago, the genius artist, Ichirou Mamiya, died here.” Asuka states. “Since then, the Mamiya family had no one take over the house. For 30 years, no one has entered this mansion.” Continue reading