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“Satan’s Blade” (1984) — “That’s the one about the mountain man whose spirit still roams through these hills!”

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Directed by L. Scott Castillo, Jr.

A knife is thrown from off-screen. It sticks in a tree, then pulses red to signify, I don’t know, it’s possessed or something. Opening credits.

Satan's Blade 1 Continue reading

Your Preconceived Opinions Will Be Chooped to Bits the Minute You Step Foot in Ray Dennis Steckler’s “Blood Shack” (1971)

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Directed by Wolfgang Schmidt

The setting sun reflects off a zooming camera lens, a kaleidoscopic effect. A character we’re introduced to later on breathes a few lines of voiceover narration, setting the stage for this I-guess-supernatural slasher. “There is a legend about this valley, a tale carried across the winds of time. A legend strange and sinister. The legend of the Chooper.” And no, that’s not a typo on my part, nor is it a mispronunciation. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving, Here’s Your Turkey — “See No Evil 2” (2014)

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Directed by Jen & Sylvia Soska

It’s morgue attendant Amy’s (Danielle Harris, Hatchet 2 & 3) birthday, but her and her co-worker Seth, who carry flames for each other, are stuck preparing a rush of bodies, specifically the victims from the first movie. Reports of a massacre, carried out by the “God’s Hand Killer”, so called by the press because of religious imagery and quotes and what-not found at the scene of his killing spree, play from their boss’ laptop, but nobody pays much attention.

Cut to the back of an ambulance. Paramedics are fighting to revive that killer, Jacob Goodnight (chokeslamming wrestler Glenn “Kane” Jacobs). One of them asks out loud what they’re all thinking, “Do we really want to save this guy?” And then, the sight of an EKG machine flatlining. Continue reading