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“High Rise” (1973), and the Best XXX-rated Film Theme Song Ever

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High Rise

Directed by Danny Stone

Fade in from black. The movie kicks off with a quick, metafictional clip of a bumbling production assistant slamming his hand in a clapperboard. Next, we meet Susie (3-time actress Tamie Trevor, that’s her to the right with her boob out), an empty-headed brunette, reclined on a couch in a hack psychiatrist’s office. “It’s like this doctor, [my husband and I] just don’t fuck anymore… Nothing I do seems to tickle his fancy.” she confides. Then, bizarrely and out of the blue, she admits to having been intimate with a frog back in high school. Continue reading

MS: VigasioSexploitation Vol. 2 (2011)

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Vigasio 2 Poster

Directed by Sebastiano Montresor

Earth year 2022. A pig-tailed girl with tape across her nips that’s dressed like an 80s leather bar-frequenting gay man named Osso escapes prison. Skipping down a dirt road, she’s psychokinetically frozen by a boobed Grim Reaper and told to become the leader of an invisible motorcycle gang. Then, she grows a handlebar moustache.

Meanwhile, it’s hinted that earth has been struck by an asteroid, changing its overall climate to that of a desert. Weirdly, a mirror planet dubbed Arret from another dimension overlapping our own is faced with the opposite problem. As such, a Dr. Moreau attempts to raise money for a “time gate” he theorizes will open a doorway between the two worlds. That way, he and those he presumes to be super-intelligent beings can pass through it to help each other resolve their climate issues. Oh, and he secretly hopes to establish a race of super-people who don’t eat, sleep or reproduce by mating with Arret’s inhabitants. Continue reading

MS: VigasioSexploitation Vol. 1 (2010)

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Vigasio Poster

Directed by Sebastiano Montresor

A batch of human-sized eggs has fallen from space (this isn’t explained, I had to read this), triggering a dormant, previously-undetected virus in all of mankind. Agent Danger is tasked with investigating the matter when a woman sans clothes with an upside-down Dixan-brand laundry detergent box on her head appears in his home to seduce him.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lena, an apparent sorceress and possible source of the eggs, summons a female mummy to kill Danger’s former partner and old flame Eva, before the guy can enlist her help. Continue reading