I’m Sure There’s a Yakov Smirnoff Joke to be Made Here Somewhere — “Viy” (1967)

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Directed by Konstantin Yershov, Georgi Kropachyov

Three monks, an orator, a philosopher, and a theologian, get lost in the Ukrainian countryside trekking home from their monastery. They come to a farmhouse. They bang on the gate. An elderly woman (played by a man, I believe) shambles out from inside. “Have mercy on us, my good woman!” the men of faith plead. “It’s unforgivable to let Christian souls perish in the night.” The “old skinflint”, as they rudely refer to her to her face, acquiesces. Her room, she claims, is limited, so the philosopher, Khoma Brutus, is sent to sleep in her cow stalls. Continue reading

Emotional Setup, Insane Final Act — Billy Tang’s “Red to Kill” (1994)

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Directed by Hin Sing “Billy” Tang

While a mother is pleaded with not to leap from a window with her son in her arms, another woman is grabbed from behind and dragged to the uppermost floor of the same apartment complex by a muscular, quivery-breathing nutsoid. She’s gagged with a squeaky toy. Both arms are wrenched back behind her, breaking them and apparently killing her. She’s undressed. Her body is desecrated. This isn’t your typical jackrabbit hump, it’s a heaving, thrusting powerhouse rape, the kind that would knock pictures from walls and topple lamps over if committed against a headboard. The act is full-frontal graphic, made even more graphic by its hammering violence and victim’s unresponsiveness. Meanwhile, the suicidal mother drags her son (an obvious dummy) to their deaths. Her spine cracks in half on a concrete wall. Continue reading

Eight More of My Favorite Old School Magic the Gathering Illustrations

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Here are eight more of my favorite illustrations from a period I regard as Magic: the Gathering’s golden age — its inception in 1993 until about 1999. Magic, for those of you that are cool, or missed my last post, is fantasy trading card mass-nerdom wherein players battle each other using fantastical monsters and creatures, spells, enchantments, and artifacts. Continue reading

Asian Movie Month, Year III

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Asian Movie Month IIIThis February, for the third February in a row, Fringe Void will be holding its annual Asian Movie Month event. All this means is we’ll still be reviewing bizarre cult, horror, sci-fi, action, exploitation and sleaze movies like normal, with the added stipulation that all of them were produced on the world’s most populous continent. Last year’s Horny House of Horror butt rating system (below) was a moderate hit, so we’re bringing that back as well. Every movie reviewed next month will be rated on a scale of one to three butts, with three being the best. Let me know if you’d like to contribute original, unpublished reviews, lists, articles, drawings, etc. to the cause by leaving your comments below or emailing yours truly at fringevoidATgmail.com. Continue reading

The 2nd Annual Fringe Void Awards Hosted by Squidrabbit

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Squidrabbit Knows All 2

Greetings, Earth humans and women. Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Squidrabbit. I used to speak in the third person. Now I don’t. I am an ancient supercreature. I come from the fifth dimension, which is actually a lot like yours, except everything smells like pumpkin spice cookies and newborn babies all the time instead of exhaust and gasoline. I’m honored to again serve as your host, this time for the Second Annual Fringe Void Awards! I was so very excited when the curator of this here website approached me to return that I hopped on the nearest pterodactyl and phased through a thin spot in the fabric of space-time that morning. No easy feat, of course, but I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I’m a huge fan of cult, horror, sci-fi, action, exploitation and sleaze movies. We don’t have them where I’m from, nothing even like them. All we get are reruns of Mighty Max and Biker Mice From Mars that we somehow intercept from your satellites. But listen to me, prattling on like a madrabbit. Let’s get these awards handed out already!

Continue reading

Eight of My Favorite Old School Magic: the Gathering Illustrations

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To those of you that are unfamiliar with Magic: the Gathering, it’s a collectible trading card game, or TCG (the first ever, actually), that more closely resembles Dungeons & Dragons than anything else, insofar that it’s needlessly complicated and highly fantastic. It draws from a wide range of folktales, creation myths, and fantasy authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, incorporating fairies, knights, dragons, and spell casters — yeah, there’s a heavy focus on pretty much everything from Medieval literature — as well as a bunch other legends from around the globe. Continue reading

Questions and Observations From Tales From The Crypt, Season 1, Episode 2: And All Through the House

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For those of you that aren’t familiar with this episode of the HBO TV series Tales From the Crypt, it tells the same story as the first segment of the British anthology horror film also named Tales From the Crypt circa 1972 (both of which were based on a segment from an old Vault of Horror comic book, Vault of Horror being one of two sister series to the titular comic series whose name I’ve typed twice already) — the story of a young woman that bludgeons her husband to death with a fire poker on Christmas Eve to collect his life insurance then finds herself on the other end of the stick when an escaped mental patient dressed as Santa Claus targets her and her daughter. Here are just a few of the observations I made and questions I asked myself when I re-watched this on Christmas.

And All Through the House 1 Continue reading

Fun and Easy(ish?) Multiple Choice Horror Movie Villains Quiz

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See if you can remember the names of these classic horror movie villains. You’ll have an additional three seconds to answer each question after it’s fully appeared. Multiple choice. Twenty questions in all. Good luck, and let me know how you did! Don’t read the comments ’til after you’re done, as there may be spoilers! Click here for my previous horror quizzes. This one’s easier than normal, so I’ve left off the scoring system. Yep.

Eight of My Favorite Cult/Horror/Action/Exploitation Franchise Heroes

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This is the sequel to an older list I posted more than a year ago. I got the idea for that one from another horror blogger, Jeremyvoltz, who unfortunately doesn’t update his page anymore. Movies and TV shows starred below (which is pretty much all of them) come recommended. Note: this post is rife with spoilers. Now let’s get to it! Continue reading

Body Melt (1993) music video

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A recent conversation with another horror blogger reminded me that I’d made this music video for the Australian “splatstick” body horror Body Melt (1993) a few years back using effects-heavy scenes from the movie and its wicked mad epic theme song. Check this out and subscribe to my YouTube channel I’m guessing nobody knows exists if you get a sec.

Your Preconceived Opinions Will Be Chooped to Bits the Minute You Step Foot in Ray Dennis Steckler’s “Blood Shack” (1971)

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Directed by Wolfgang Schmidt

The setting sun reflects off a zooming camera lens, a kaleidoscopic effect. A character we’re introduced to later on breathes a few lines of voiceover narration, setting the stage for this I-guess-supernatural slasher. “There is a legend about this valley, a tale carried across the winds of time. A legend strange and sinister. The legend of the Chooper.” And no, that’s not a typo on my part, nor is it a mispronunciation. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving, Here’s Your Turkey — “See No Evil 2” (2014)

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Directed by Jen & Sylvia Soska

It’s morgue attendant Amy’s (Danielle Harris, Hatchet 2 & 3) birthday, but her and her co-worker Seth, who carry flames for each other, are stuck preparing a rush of bodies, specifically the victims from the first movie. Reports of a massacre, carried out by the “God’s Hand Killer”, so called by the press because of religious imagery and quotes and what-not found at the scene of his killing spree, play from their boss’ laptop, but nobody pays much attention.

Cut to the back of an ambulance. Paramedics are fighting to revive that killer, Jacob Goodnight (chokeslamming wrestler Glenn “Kane” Jacobs). One of them asks out loud what they’re all thinking, “Do we really want to save this guy?” And then, the sight of an EKG machine flatlining. Continue reading

Boring Title, Bad Movie, Plenty of Fun — Andy Milligan’s “Blood” (1974)

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Directed by Andy Milligan

The opening credits roll and we’re introduced to a couple of men who look like they’ve stepped out of a Sherlock Holmes novel. One of them, Markham, is showing a house to the other, a Dr. Lawrence Orlofski. Markham notes how the premises would be great for gardening, to which Orlofski replies, “My wife doesn’t like the daylight hours. Rather, I should say daylight doesn’t agree with her. She has trouble with the pigmentation of her skin. Direct sunlight would be poison for her. As a matter of fact, more than five minutes of sunlight could possibly kill her. So you see, she’ll be doing very little gardening, I’m afraid. Nor shall I, for that matter, as my experiments occupy most of my daylight hours.” Orlofski proceeds to be very curt with the man, refusing a tour of the property, as well as a dinner invitation. He takes the house, then practically shoves Markham out the front door as he hands over a check for the first three months’ worth of rent, stating, “Please do not come here when the rent is due again, I shall send it to you before it is due… Good day.” Well. The rude bastard!

As soon as Markham has left, Orlofski beckons for his offscreen servants to rush his wife with the aforementioned sunlight aversion, Regina, in from a side door. She’s wrapped head to toe in black fabric, and, it’s revealed, is overdue for her weekly injection of something or other. We get a quick look at her face here; she’s literally a rotting corpse. Continue reading

Monthly Smut: Breaking Point (1975)

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Breaking Point Poster

Directed by Ron Silberman Jr.

A woman returns from a shopping trip. She’s attacked in her home, raped and done in with several blows to the skull by an unseen assailant wielding an ashtray.

Cut to an awkward, bespectacled, borderline autistic lover of toy trains that bears at least a passing resemblance to Steve Carell’s character from The Office. He works in a skyscraper, tediously stamping reports, sneering at the gals who deliver more paperwork to his desk, muttering “Bitch.” as they walk away. His name is Billing.

Then, a breaking news report. “An extremely cruel rape-murder was committed yesterday afternoon.” the newscaster states. “[The victim] was raped by a still-unidentified man…” The reporter turns it over to a Dr. Sigmund (like, Freud?), an alleged “expert” on psychiatric matters.

The man weighs in with some top knowledge, “One thing to keep in mind when dealing with deviants like this is never to offer any resistance. Now, a man like this actually wants you to resist, so our advice is to keep calm and let him do whatever he wants to. Even if worst comes to worst, you’ll only get raped. And current statistics indicate that 89% of the respondents, the women who answered the survey, have at one time or another in their lives actually wanted to be raped.” Continue reading

Another Classic Horror Movie Quotes Quiz

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Seventeen more quotes to rack your brain over — in spine shattering stereo! See if you can remember which movies these clips are from. After the pause symbol appears, you’ll have five more seconds to think of the answer before it’s revealed. Award yourself an extra two points for correctly answering the bonus question at the end. Good luck, and let me know how you did! Don’t read the comments ’til after you’re done, as there may be spoilers! Click here for my previous horror quizzes.

Score Yourself
0-5 correct answers: Horror Novice
6-12 correct answers: Horror Fan
13-17 correct answers: Full-fledged Horror Nerd

Classic Horror Movie Quotes Quiz

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Put your knowledge of classic horror movies to the test. See if you can remember which movies these seventeen snippets of dialogue are from. After the pause symbol appears, you’ll have five more seconds to think of the answer before it’s revealed. More than half of these you’ll probably recognize right away, the rest you might not. Good luck, and let me know how you did! Don’t read the comments ’til after you’re done, as there may be spoilers! Click here for my horror movie theme music quizzes.

Score Yourself
0-5 correct answers: Horror Novice
6-12 correct answers: Horror Fan
13-17 correct answers: Full-fledged Horror Nerd

Ever Wish There Existed A Horror Movie Fighting Game? Wish No More — Enter “Terrordrome: Rise of the Boogeymen”

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Terrordrome is a fan-made 2D fighting game featuring arguably the most popular horror franchise villains of the 80s, 90s and 2000s. After first reading about this in high school, I kept tabs on its rather lengthy development, on and off, for the next half-decade or so, until a year ago when the final version (2.9.5) was released, free of charge, via the game’s official website (click here, download tab on the left-hand side of the screen). I remember giving the game a quick play, and having my mind blown, but failing to progress very far, and eventually forgetting about it entirely. The downside, you see, is it’s next to impossible to play, and therefore enjoy, with a keyboard. At least for me. The good news is, if you’re like me and you suck with a keyboard and don’t have one of those high-fangled PC-specific gaming controllers, it’s possible to plug an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 controller into your PC’s HDMI ports and use it, all you have to do is download the software necessary to program the controller. I’ve just never gotten around to it. Yet. But mark my words, that day will come. As such, this is less a review than a preview. Continue reading

Seventeen Things I Learned About “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” From “Profoundly Disturbing” (Book, 2003)

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Written by Joe Bob Briggs

Profoundly Disturbing is, as the cover suggests, a compendium of “shocking movies that changed history” written by the inimitable B-movie critic, essayist and host of Joe Bob’s Drive-in Theater, Joe Bob Briggs (who, loose connection, appeared in a scene deleted from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as “Gonzo Moviegoer”). His writing is really accessible here, sincere and articulate — neither condescending in tone, or exhaustively analytical, as some of these retrospectives tend to be. Briggs’ love for these movies shows through, and he proves yet again why he’s one of the world’s leading authorities on exploitation filmmaking. With the way this book is presented, one film per chapter, like the last book I sort of reviewed, I found it simpler to list what I learned (here, from a single section) than try to review the text as a whole. Continue reading

Eight Halloween-themed Horror Movies

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Reblogged from last year.

Untitled — October 18th, 2014

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Threw this together real quick. Probably could have made something cooler if I’d spent more time.