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Monthly Smut #7: Tiny Tales (1997)

Posted in 1990s, Other with tags , , , on April 30, 2013 by Fringe Void

Sweet, Sweet Midgets

Is there anything funnier than midget porn? Short answer: Yes. Who knows why, but I felt greatly compelled to purchase this flick from my local adults-only video retailer a few weeks back. Maybe its low, low price was the cause of my folly. Maybe the very prospect of midget porn tickled my funny bone. Maybe its cover reminded me of my favorite pickles. Either way, I bought it, so here’s the review.

Tiny Tales

Directed by Luc Wilder

Here, we follow vertically challenged nympho Gidget the Midget through four “sizzling” scenes and two separate stories. In scenes one and three, she bursts from a laboratory computer screen Ring style and bangs two scientists. In scenes two and four, she plays the part of a medieval-princess-turned-midget whose only hope is to gang-bang villagers in attempts to find love and reverse the curse. Continue reading


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