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“High Rise” (1973), and the Best XXX-rated Film Theme Song Ever

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High Rise

Directed by Danny Stone

Fade in from black. The movie kicks off with a quick, metafictional clip of a bumbling production assistant slamming his hand in a clapperboard. Next, we meet Susie (3-time actress Tamie Trevor, that’s her to the right with her boob out), an empty-headed brunette, reclined on a couch in a hack psychiatrist’s office. “It’s like this doctor, [my husband and I] just don’t fuck anymore… Nothing I do seems to tickle his fancy.” she confides. Then, bizarrely and out of the blue, she admits to having been intimate with a frog back in high school. Continue reading

Monthly Smut: Breaking Point (1975)

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Breaking Point Poster

Directed by Ron Silberman Jr.

A woman returns from a shopping trip. She’s attacked in her home, raped and done in with several blows to the skull by an unseen assailant wielding an ashtray.

Cut to an awkward, bespectacled, borderline autistic lover of toy trains that bears at least a passing resemblance to Steve Carell’s character from The Office. He works in a skyscraper, tediously stamping reports, sneering at the gals who deliver more paperwork to his desk, muttering “Bitch.” as they walk away. His name is Billing.

Then, a breaking news report. “An extremely cruel rape-murder was committed yesterday afternoon.” the newscaster states. “[The victim] was raped by a still-unidentified man…” The reporter turns it over to a Dr. Sigmund (like, Freud?), an alleged “expert” on psychiatric matters.

The man weighs in with some top knowledge, “One thing to keep in mind when dealing with deviants like this is never to offer any resistance. Now, a man like this actually wants you to resist, so our advice is to keep calm and let him do whatever he wants to. Even if worst comes to worst, you’ll only get raped. And current statistics indicate that 89% of the respondents, the women who answered the survey, have at one time or another in their lives actually wanted to be raped.” Continue reading

Monthly Smut: Cafe Flesh 3 (2003)

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Cafe3 DVD Cover

Reviews for the first and second movies.

Directed by Antonio Passolini

“At the end of the twenty-first century, the world went to war once again.” the disembodied brain of the first film’s emcee, Max Melodramatic, reminds us from its fish tank. “But this time, it was different. This time, some wise guy with his finger on the button thought he could get the jump… So he fired, they fired back, and everyone else let theirs go too, just in case. Boom, boom. Out went the lights…

For a hundred years, the world was covered by a doomsday shroud of toxic gas that blocked out the sun and turned everything on earth into one giant graveyard…” the brain continues. Continue reading