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Match the Mammaries — A Horror Movie Quiz

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So it’s come to this… It was only a matter of time, to be honest. If anything, I’m surprised it took this long. Please note, this post is unfit for work. And home for that matter. Make sure your kids are asleep. Also, click away now if you have a weak heart. To those of you who do not, step right up, take the challenge. Guess which cult, exploitation, and horror movies these fleshy fun-sacs are from. Jot down your answers, then highlight the blank space at the end of the post to reveal the key. Good luck, and let me know how you did in the comments section below. A perfect score means I may never think of you in the same light again. Continue reading

Bride of the Spawn of the Quiz: Horror Movie Theme Music Quiz #4

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Now with 600% more television themes! See if you can remember which cult horror movies and TV shows these seventeen clips of music are from. After the pause symbol appears, you’ll have five more seconds to think of the answer before it’s revealed. Pause for more time if you need to. Good luck, and don’t read the comments until after you’re done! I hope you can have some fun with this. Click here for the other quizzes.

Score Yourself
0-5 correct answers: Horror Novice
6-12 correct answers: Horror Fan
13-17 correct answers: Full-fledged Horror Nerd